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What? & Why?

What is this Storrea Partner program?

Storrea Partner program is the official referral and partner program where anyone can refer businesses to Storrea or manage those using Storrea and earn a handsome share of revenue.

Why you should join the Storrea Partner Program?

If you are an ecommerce enthusiast, have a sound knowledge of technology, have great networking and relationship skills, then there is a huge opportunity for you to earn handsome amount of money without much effort by joining Storrea Partnership Program. Moreover, there is an opportunity to work and earn as web manager, graphic designer, content creator, blogger, marketer etc. for hundreds of Storrea merchants.

Storrea is the most sophisticated unified commerce platform developed by Bangladeshi youth for Bangladeshi businesses. Be a part of the revolution to make the multi-channel business operation convenient, quick, effortless, and affordable for the businesses.

Who can be a partner?

If you are a ...
Web Developer

You don't need to get into the hassles of creating an online store for your clients. Try ready-made solution from Storrea, save time and earn more!

Graphic Designer

You have great taste and aesthetics of design; be it designing a logo or a banner. Partner with Storrea and help merchants set up online stores with attractive looks.

Blogger or Youtuber

If your target audience is interested in ecommerce, you can capitalize and earn handsome amount by joining our partnership program.

Ecommerce Consultant

Earn some serious money by referring our hosted ecommerce solution to your clients and network.


If you have an agency and work with ecommerce projects, this is a great opportunity for collaboration. Use Storrea like other technologies you use, save big on development team and take a share of revenues.


If you know businesses in your peers, be our campus ambassador. Earn more than just pocket money along with useful experience of working in the ecommerce sector.

Revenue sharing chart

Product/Package Referrer Partner (1st Year) Partner (from 2nd Year)
Ecommerce Shopno/Shahosh/Shofol 15% 25% 15%
POS Shopno/Shahosh/Shofol 15% 25% 15%
Theme 15% 20% N/A
POS + Ecommerce 20% 30% 20%
Custom Package 20% 30% 20%

*Storrea reserves the right to change the commission rate, suspend, or discontinue this program temporarily or permanently at any time with previous notice.

How does the Storrea platform work?

What is this Storrea Partner program?

Storrea Partner program is the official referral and partner program where anyone can refer businesses to Storrea or manage those using Storrea and earn a handsome share of revenue.

How does it work?

Anyone interested in having basic knowledge of ecommerce or pos can sign up for the Storrea Partner program and earn a handsome amount of money by referring businesses to Storrea, on a revenue share basis.

How do I become a Storrea Partner?

You can simply sign up as an Individual Referrer or Partner. Storrea provides you with a unique code and you refer businesses with that code. You get a share of revenue when a business from your reference becomes a paid Storrea subscriber.

What is the difference between Referrer and Partner?

Referrer just refers businesses to Storrea and gets one time revenue share upon conversion. Partner is an official entity of Storrea who manages clients’ stores and queries and gets a share of revenue for a lifetime.

What is required of me to be a Storrea Partner?

There’s no need to put in much effort to be honest. Though you need to have a clear understanding of Storrea platform and its products, the features, pricing plans and offerings. Your passion and determination to reach the common goal is highly expected from Storrea.

Is there any verification process to become a Storrea Partner?

For individual referrers there’s no verification, anyone can be a referrer. But Storrea will verify applicants’ credibility, experience, network, strategic plan etc. to confirm as a Storrea Partner.

How and when do I get paid?

When your referred clients confirm Storrea subscription and clear all payments, you will get your commission via bKash or in your bank account in 7 days.

What are my responsibilities as a Storrea Partner?

As a referrer there’s nothing much to do other than sending businesses to Storrea. But as a partner, you need to maintain regular communication with clients, help and train them setting up their stores, communicate their issues and requirements with Storrea, collect payments if required etc.

Can I be able to see my clients’ sales, transactions or any report?

Unfortunately no. It’s a strong violation of clients’ privacy. But if the client allows you to be the partner, you can have access directly from the client.

I live outside of Dhaka or Bangladesh. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can participate from anywhere in the world.

What kind of support can Storrea provide with to help me acquire more businesses?

We provide you support in the form of online training, offline workshops, training manuals, business presentation materials and promotional material like brochures, leaflets, stickers, t-shirts etc.

What will happen to my commission if Storrea runs any discount campaign?

Storrea usually doesn't run a discount/offer campaign. But if they run any such campaign, commission will be adjusted with discounted price.