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Storrea is an ecommerce platform that helps you to build a online store of your own.
Storrea offers a service/software that you can use to set up your online store and manage every aspects(e.g. product management, order management, customer managemnent, store theme, payment methods, etc.) of your business.
You just need to have physical products to sell. Then you sign up with Storrea along with a pricing plan. You set up your tax rate, payment methods, shipping rate from the store admin panel. Then you start uploading images of your products and their description and price. Done! you are ready to start selling online.
As Storrea promises, the service is easy to adapt for any non technical person. Generally speaking, if you are literate enough to manage your facebook profile or a facebook page, you can design and configure your online shop from Storrea admin panel. We keep on adding catchy templates to keep your shop look newer with time.
There are a pool of templates/themes that are free to use. But for some exclusive themes, you need to pay a fixed amount to Storrea.
The number of products you can upload for your store depends on which plan you have subscribed. For more information visit the Pricing page.
Storrea is built on state-of-the-art software development technologies and it is hosted on one of the most reliable cloud based servers. Therefore, we ensure the best possible security of your store data. We also take regular backup to avoid any unexpected incidents.
We have created a set of easy to understand short videos to guide you to set up your online store. User manuals to manage Storrea Admin Panel are also available online.For any kind of technical difficulties you can contact us through mails or phones.
When you sign up for Storrea, you agree to the terms and conditions of Storrea. That serves as the legal document between you and Storrea.

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