Discount Coupon Generator

Handy discount coupon generator app to create, manage and run discount/offer campaigns.


Customers love discounts and you can create and offer them discount codes easily using Storrea discount coupon generator app. Customers can enter the discount code anytime while checking out.

Create and manage discount coupons:
  • Create auto generated or custom discount codes
  • Provide discount by percentage or fixed amount
  • Restrict usage limit of discount code if you want
  • Enable or disable a discount code
Run different types of discount campaigns:
  • Discount on total order amount (e.g. 10% discount or flat 100 tk discount on any order)
  • Discount on conditional order amount (e.g. 15% discount on purchase over 2000 tk)
  • Discount on purchasing from a specific collection (e.g. 20% discount on Summer items)
  • Discount on purchasing a specific product (e.g. 30% discount on Marvel T-shirt)
  • Discount on first time purchase (e.g. flat 50 tk discount on first purchase)
Monitor performance of discount campaigns:

Get the ‘Sales by discount’ report to monitor and analyze your campaigns. This helps you to plan and adjust your future campaigns.